Introduction in English

Bostadsrättsförening or 'Brf', freely translated, means Tenant-owner's association (see description on Wikipedia) which roughly corresponds to the English term of Housing cooperative.

This section contains a general introduction to Brf Gitarren, a Housing cooperative located at Östra Torn in Lund.

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About Brf Gitarren

Overview of the Housing cooperative

Brf Gitarren consists of 58 apartments in multi-storey buildings and 45 apartments in terraced houses. The size of the apartments ranges from 2 to 5 rooms not including kitchen.

Byggnader med en gräsmatta i förgrunden.

The area of the association is child friendly with schools and day-care centers in the close surroundings.

Not far from Brf Gitarren you will find Ideon, Lund Institute of Technology, Lund University School of Economics and Management, Ericsson, MAX IV and ESS. In addition, the area has good bus connections.

The area was built in 1992; professional maintenance services are provided by a contracted maintenance company, please see Contact us (Look for “Förvaltning”).

Renting of the Assembly Room

The assembly room can be rented by the members of the Brf Gitarren for e.g. children’s birthday parties and similar occasions. The assembly room has tableware, tables and chairs for about 20 people.

The rental of the assembly room is managed by the Association Services Contact (“Bovärden”).

Vändzon med Gemensamhetslokalen i bakgrunden.

The booking fee is currently 200 SEK. Please note that the booking is valid only after the booking fee has been paid. You will also have to pay a deposit of 500 SEK when you collect the key.

The deposit will be refunded when you return the key and when the facilities has been confirmed being properly cleaned, all things put back at their proper place and everything else is in good order — all in accordance with the cleaning rules posted at the entrance of the assembly room.

Please remember to book well in advance and at least three working days before the renting day.

For renting the Assembly Room please contact the Association Services Contact. (Please see the contact information page).

Housing cooperatives

What is a 'Bostadsrättsförening'?

As previously stated the Swedish term of 'Bostadsrättsförening' means Tenant-owner association which roughly corresponds to the English term of Housing cooperative (see also information specific to Sweden). A Bostadsrättsförening is a form of living and ownership in between a rental flat and an owned house.

As a guiding rule the association is responsible for the building and its façade together with the system for heating, water and plumbing. The tenants, the members that makes up the housing cooperative, are responsible for the interiors which gives a high degree of freedom to affect your style of living (without all the exterior maintenance that comes with owning your own house).

Operations of the housing cooperative

The operations of the housing cooperative is managed by the Association Board which is elected among the members of the association at the Housing cooperative annual meeting.

Governing laws and regulations

The main laws governing Bostadsrättsföreningar are the Law of Bostadsrätter and the Law of Economic Associations (in Swedish).

In addition each Bostadsrättsförening has its own regulations which describe the obligations of the Housing cooperative towards its members and vice versa.

Since the buildings and surrounding areas belong to the Housing cooperative there is a set of rules governing what you are allowed to do, and not allowed to do, in your apartment. Please consult the Association Board in case of uncertainty.


Housing cooperative membership

For being able to buy a Bostadsrätt you have to be accepted as a member in the Housing cooperative. Membership acceptance is just a formality in most cases. However, circumstances that might affect membership include financial difficulties.

Please note that in some cases you might risk voiding your membership in the association and hence need to leave your apartment.

These circumstances which are defined in the Housing cooperative regulations include e.g. failure to meet financial commitments towards the Association (timely payment of monthly fee) and severe neglectfulness of carrying out mandatory maintenance of the apartment.

Commonly used terms

Some commonly used terms in Swedish

  • Avtal
  • Agreement
  • Boende
  • Resident (i.e. member of the association) or 'accommodation' in a more general sense.
  • Bostadsrättsförening
  • Housing cooperative or Tenant-owner's association.
  • Bostadsrättshavare
  • Legal term for member of the association.
  • Brf
  • Acronym for 'Bostadsrättsförening'.
  • Flerbostadshus
  • Multi-storey building.
  • Föreningsstämma
  • General term for association meeting - held for making a decision based on members voting. Either referring to the annual meeting or an extra meeting.
  • Medlem
  • Member of the association.
  • Månadsavgift
  • Monthly fee paid to the association.
  • Radhus
  • Terraced house.
  • Stadgar
  • Regulations specific to the association.
  • Styrelse
  • Board of the association.
  • Underhåll
  • Maintenance
  • Årsmöte
  • Annual meeting.
  • Årsstämma
  • Other term used for the annual meeting.